Chilton Planning Applications

Chilton Planning Applications

Planning applications may be submitted to the Vale of the White Horse District Council or the Oxfordhshire County Council. Contact details for both and details of where the plans may be seen are given below.
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Vale of the White Horse District Council Contact details

All representations must be made not later than the given date either by email: or by letter to:
A.Hood, Deputy Director Planning and Community Strategy,
Vale of the White Horse District Council,
Abbey Buildings, ABINGDON, OX14 3JE
quoting the application number quoted for the application.

The relevant documents may be viewed on the Council's website at:
or can be seen at the Local Services Point, the Abbey House, Abingdon OX14 3JE between 9am and 5pm.

Oxon County Council contact details

The plans may be seen at Didcot Public Library.
Comment should be sent to:
Director for Environment & Economy, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford OX1 1NE.
Listed in order of latest first.

20 March 2009 OCC SCOTS proposal
Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is developing a strategic transport strategy for Southern Central Oxfordshire (SCOTS) and would like our views on it. Exhibitions have been held in the area; descriptive leaflets can be seen at
Consultants were asked to produce a report for the study area bounded by Grove, Wantage, Didcot, Harwell Campus and Milton Park. The report considers Cycle, public transport and highway strategy and includes several tables showing comparisons of peak hour junction performance with scheme packages and a Table 10, Comparison of peak hour link flows in the villages.

As a Chilton Resident, I am dismayed to see that Chilton is not mentioned in these tables and has been omitted from the maps, Fig 5 Proposed Cycle Schemes, and Figs 6,7 Proposed Bus routes for 2016 and 2026. We pay our taxes to the OCC and have been part of Oxfordshire since 1974 yet the County Council appears to think we need neither cycle tracks nor public transport.

I urge you to make your views about this known to the Parish and County Council.

I regard the omission of peak hour traffic flows in Chilton from Table 10 as particularly serious. Anyone trying to cycle or drive out of the village in the peak morning rush hours will know how much traffic comes down Hagbourne Hill and rushes straight on to the A34 causing a traffic jam of Chilton drivers both at Townend and at Lower Road.

The new link road suggested from the proposed western Didcot Housing development to a new roundabout in Chilton will make it even more difficult to drive out of Chilton at rush hour. This roundabout will be expensive to construct and will cause greater light, noise and air pollution in this region which is part of the North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I have made a plan showing an alternate route crossing the A34 near the Kingswell hotel on the A417 and going more directly to the Harwell Campus. Click here to see my route. Of course, the obvious way to get non-local traffic on to the A34 is to construct a new interchange from the A417 to the A34 at the Kingswell.

Deadline for comments on these proposals ia Tuesday 28 April 2009

30 August 2007

Planning Application CHI/738/7 - LB comp no, 07/01356/LBC

Proposed replacement of front dormer window.
Dene Hollow, Dene Hollow, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon

Published in the 'Didcot Herald' August 30, 2007 page 29.
All comments must be made not later than the 20 Sept 2007.

14 August 2007

Planning Application CHI/5465/20 -LB comp no, 07/01300/LBC

To demolish the block of garages at Chilton House, Townend, Chilton and erect a single storey dwelling.

Published in the 'Didcot Herald' August 23, 2007 page 31. All comments must be made not later than the 13 Sept 2007.
Note from web editor: The previous application (below) was rejected.
1 March 2007

Planning Application #CHI/5465/19 07/00221/FUL

To demolish the block of garages at Chilton House, Townend, Chilton and erect a single storey dwelling.

# before the application number means that this is a building included in the list of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest .
This application was published in 'The Didcot Herald' of Thursday February 22, 2007 page 32.
All comments must be made not later than 15 March 2007.
20 September 2006
Meeting in Chilton Village Hall at 7pm to discuss the application for planning permission no. CHI/16448/1
to demolish 'Downlands' off South Row and build 4 dwellings on the site.

2 New in May 2006

Planning Application for Cottage in Manor House garden
CHI/16265/5 06/00499/FUL

This was published in the 'Didcot Herald' for May 4 2006 page 37. A letter is posted on the trunk of the first tree past the Lych gate in the churchyard going up the lane towards the Village Hall Car Park.
All representations must be made not later than 25 May 2006 to the address above.

This application is to build a new 2 bedroom cottage, (both bedrooms en-suite) on the grass to the South of the Manor House, between the Church and the Chilton Flats, where Church Hill joins Townend. No garage is shown on the plan, yet they seek vehicular access via the narrow church lane constantly in use by visitors to the church, village Hall and recreation field.

Application for erection of a 2 storey portacabin by Chilton Waste Services

A notice about this application is posted on the Parish Noticeboard on the wall of the old Post Office in Main Street.

This application is for temporary, until 2010, permission to erect a 2 storey portacabin to be used as an office building at the landfill site, OS Grid Ref SV 489 857.
The site is near Prospect Farm and adjacent to the Lynchway where it crosses the disused railway line near the 'tile barn' shown on the Ordnance Survey map. The building will be clearly visible from the bridge on the Lynch Way.

Representations should be made before 26 May 2006 to Emily Green.
email address: Tel: (01865) 815884
New in October 2005

Planning Application Chilton Field CHI/16952/1-X

'The Didcot Herald' for 29 September 2005 has another public notice about this planning application (dated 29 September 2005) on page 48. This one begins:

Notice Under Article 8
The proposed development does not accord with
the provisions of the development plan in force in
the area in which the land to which the application
relates is situated.

I asked the Vale of the White Horse Planning office today whether this is a new application, and was told that this is not a new application; this notice should have been attached to the original application made in August. It means that this application refers to land for which no development was planned in the current 'development plan' for the area.

There is no need to make the same comments if you have made some already. However, you can add further comments if circumstances have changed recently, such as the announcement (on page 4 of 'The Didcot Herald' for 29 September 2005) that the government has allocated another 6 million pounds for development of the Diamond synchrotron, the ISIS second target station and a proposed research facility. Kate Crennell.

Representations should be made in writing by 20 October 2005 to the Planning officer at the address below.
New in September 2005

Planning Application Chilton Field

We are told that the Vale has granted another week for public comments which should now be submitted by Thursday 15th September.

New in August 2005

Planning Application Chilton Field

The Atomic Energy Authority have applied for outline planning permission to the Vale of the White Horse District Council to develop some of their land on Chilton Field.
CHI/16952/1-X Residential development with associated community facilities and access.
Land at Chilton Field, Chilton

The reference number was printed in the 'Didcot Herald' of 18th August 2005; you have 3 weeks from that date (i.e. 8th September 2005) to make comments in writing to:

R.Hood, Assistant Director (Planning), Vale of the White Horse District Council, P.O.Box 127, Abbey House, Abingdon, OX14 3JUN

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